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Ouija Board Game

The age old classic board game where you ask a question and wait to see what answer the mystifying Oracle reveals to you. Comes with a sturdy wooden board and viewfinder.

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Man Bites Dog Card Game

Man Bites Dog Card Game: Man Bites Dog is a hilarious Headline card game! You are dealt a hand of cards with words on them, each with a point value. When it is your turn, construct a headline that earns the highest points, and often the biggest laughs! The first player to accumulate 500 points wins. It's a great way to have fun with language for kids and adults alike. Compact enough to go on the road, this game is Extra! Extra! fun. For ages 8+

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Home for Christmas Book

Home for Christmas Book: Petey Pat Kane and Mariana Pia Pelligrino have been in love with each other their whole lives. But on a night that is supposed to be one of the best of their lives, Peter makes a choice that forces him to leave Chicago-and Mariana-behind. Guilt leads him into the Army, where he becomes Captain Kane, war hero. But nothing can make him forget his love for Mariana. On his third deployment in Iraq, Peter is injured and finds himself both alive and dead on a wondrous spiritual journey where he is given a second chance at life from God Himself. By Andrew M. Greeley. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. UPC: 9780765322517 EAN: 9780765322517

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Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know Book

Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know Book: As an unabashed dog lover, Alexandra Horowitz is naturally curious about what her dog thinks and what she knows. As a cognitive scientist she is intent on understanding the minds of animals who cannot say what they know or feel. This is a fresh look at the world of dogs-from the dog's point of view. The book introduces the reader to the science of the dog-their perceptual and cognitive abilities-and uses that introduction to draw a picture of what it might be like to be a dog. It answers questions no other dog book can-such as: What is a dog's sense of time? Does she miss me? Want friends? Know when she's been bad? This is not another dog training book. Instead, Inside of a Dog will allow dog owners to look at their pets' behavior in a different, and revealing light, enabling them to understand their dogs and enjoy their relationship even more. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. EAN: 9781416583431

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Kansas Replicated Cap Rifle

Load N' Lock this Replicated Kansas Cap Rifle and take on the Wild West! Kansas Replicated Cap Rifle loads paper roll caps for rounds of Western excitement! Ages 8 and up. Please note that this item cannot be shipped to NY or CA.

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Penny Arcade The Game

Penny Arcade The Game: Welcome to the world of Penny Arcade, the top web comic for all things gaming whether it's video games or tabletop. So, it's only fitting that Penny Arcade get its own deckbuilding game. Players will select cards from a communal pool. You've followed the way of the warrior, the story of the Cardboard Tube Samurai. You've sent your dollar-a-day to support Baby Ninja with smoke bombs and magic scrolls. Now rally them together to build your perfect deck. Players select a hero card. Pick from Gabe, Tycho, and others straight from the Penny Arcade comic. Purchase Gamer cards with your gold. Yes, put that Merch in your deck. CONSUME. If you'd prefer to battle, wield the Cardboard Tube and attack one of the Evil cards. Build your perfect deck and win the battle of Gamers vs. Evil. For 2 to 4 players ages 15 and up. UPC: 815442011909

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Start Fresh Book

Start Fresh Book: Chef Tyler Florence believes that everybody deserves to eat delicious, flavorful food prepared with care and the freshest ingredients-and that goes for babies, too. In Start Fresh, he takes the expertise he has used to create his own line of organic baby food and presents quick, user-friendly recipes for 60 purees packed with simple, easy-to-digest fruits, vegetables, and grains straight from the earth-nothing fake or processed allowed. A practical, charming little package from a caring dad and exceptional chef that thousands have come to trust, this book will give parents the tools they need to prepare nutritious food their babies will love to eat-for a truly fresh and healthy start. By Tyler Florence, 143 pages, Hardcover. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. EAN: 9781609611941

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A Pocket Guide to Dogs Book

A Pocket Guide to Dogs Book: Each dog breed is clearly illustrated with glorious color photographs, with a quick reference fact box containing a brief physical description, country of origin, and life expectancy, whilst the detailed text includes a history of each breed's development and presents information concerning the requirements and typical behavioral characteristics of the breeds discussed. By Bryan Richard, 255 pages, Softcover. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. ISBN: 1407587455 EAN: 9781407587455

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Battleships Book

Battleships Book: The definitive guide to the world's greatest battleships. Including detailed specifications, appendices, a glossary, bibliography and index, this book gives clear insight into the development, construction, operation and engagement of these fighting machines. Complete with stunning photography and detailed texts that place each era of the battleship in its political context. By Leo Marriott, 224 pages, Hardcover. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. EAN: 9780857342492

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Monopoly

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Monopoly: Travel through time and space with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition of Monopoly as you buy, sell and trade iconic episodes, spaceships and landmarks spanning billions of years across the Doctor Who universe. The Poison Sky, A Good Man Goes to War, The Daleks, and the Arc of Infinity are all up for grabs as you set your course for success and vie to own it all. Includes 6 custom tokens based on the Doctor's costumes across his regenerations: The Seventh Doctor's Umbrella; The Second Doctor's Recorder; The Fifth Doctor's Celery; The Eleventh Doctor's Bow Tie; The Sonic Screwdriver; and the Fourth Doctor's Scarf. For 2-6 players ages 8 and up. UPC: 700304044891

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